The Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

You may realize how much dirt and debris is trapped in the thick layers of shag carpets after a few months of use. As long as the vacuum has changeable cleaning heads and suction power levels, you’ll have a better chance of finding a unique brand and model that can clean thoroughly without becoming trapped in the carpet’s lengthy strands. However, it can be hard to find the right balance between suction power and the chance of clogging.

The Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

The best vacuum for shag carpet and other helpful information that will help extend the life of your shag carpet will be covered in this article. Continue reading!

Tips on Using a Carpet Vacuum to Clean Shag Carpet

Once your new vacuum is delivered, you can use a few of these helpful suggestions. They will complement your equipment and significantly increase the efficiency of your cleaning. Additionally, they require minimal work and merit consideration.

Swivel the Vacuum Cleaner Before Use

To remove dirt from rugs, spin them outside. In this manner, the vacuum won’t struggle to suction it up.

Another approach is to beat your rug lightly while hanging it over a clothesline. Be cautious when using it, especially if your wig is soft. Instead of ripping your carpet apart, the goal is to dislodge the dirt.

Using this technique can cause dirt to fly right in your face. Consequently, please make an effort to correctly position yourself so the wind will blow it off you. If you have allergies, this is even more crucial.

Avoid Using Shampoo

Dry carpet shampoos are effective in cleaning carpets because they permeate the fibers and break up dirt where they permeate. However, there is an excessive risk of damage with shag carpets. Most of the time, the chemicals are too strong, and your carpet can get damaged or destroyed.

It’s best to have your high-pile carpets professionally cleaned if they have stains or caked-on grime.

Good Upholstery Attachment Performance

Fabric handling is the purpose of upholstery devices. Some even have unique functionality for handling small and light rugs and fabrics, so they’ll operate on your soft carpet. However, it’s possible that you won’t be capable of cleaning the entire room with one because they are often designed with small surfaces in mind. They’re a terrific part of caring for your shags if you don’t even like the work.

SHAG Carpet Vacuum Cleaner Review: Our Top 6 Picks

We tested dozens of vacuum machines before settling on our top six picks for cleaning shag carpets.

These vacuums all include components designed specifically to clean shag carpets. Discover more about many of these vacuums as you continue reading to help you choose which one would be ideal for you.

1. The EL4335A Electrolux Corded Ultra Flex Canister Vacuum Cleaner 

The EL4335A Electrolux Corded Ultra Flex Canister

The performance of this vacuum is optimized for shag carpets. You can tidy any floor with the FlexPro Performance System of this vacuum, which has a brush roll button that can be turned on or off and a three-level auto-leveling.

This vacuum works well on shag carpets and does a great job on concrete floors.

This vacuum is great for people with allergies because its HEPA filter catches more than 99 percent of allergens and dust.

The vacuum’s small form makes it simple to store. The vacuum has a dirt cup that is simple to lift and clean and is bagless. Your home’s furniture can be readily twisted around by this vacuum.

The Canister Ultra Vacuum has several features for vacuuming shag carpets.

Its Qualities

  • On shag carpet, it can move centeredly thanks to its low center of mass and big back wheels.
  • Shag carpets can be softly cleaned with a variable suction brush roll with a removable brush roll for shag carpet cleaning.
  • A twenty-one-foot coaxial cord and an eight-foot hose are included with this vacuum. Without disconnecting the vacuum, thoroughly clean any room. Additionally, it is simple to use on staircases.

2.The Hoover ONEPWR Cordles 

The Hoover ONEPWR Cordles 

This pole vacuum doesn’t compromise customizable functions for a lighter design, unlike some other stick vacuums. This cordless Hoover model crams a ton of functions into its body. Even though this little stick vacuum weighs less than ten pounds, it has plenty of cleaning power.

With a runtime of 33 minutes, each battery charge provides plenty of cleaning time. With the push of a button, you can empty the large dust cup, which can hold up to three times as much dirt as other cordless vacuums.

Its Qualities

  • This hoover cleaning tool has 3 suction configurations: multiple surfaces, carpet and pets mate attachment, and brush-off to handle hard floors or thick carpets. The antibacterial brush roll removes dirt when activated without accumulating bacteria or odors.

3. The 81714 Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly Ultra Plush Vacuum Machine 

The 81714 Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly Ultra Plush Vacuum

The Kenmore Premier model, which is super luxurious, is a unique vacuum since it can still grab pet hair while successfully cleaning the shag carpets. Extra-plush carpets may be cleaned with ease thanks to their design.

This vacuum, like the other ones on this list, has the HEPA filter that allergy patients need.

Canister HEPA bags, which are easily changed, are used with this vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner might be ideal if you have a pet. It comes with a PetPowerMate adapter that can grab even the most elusive pet hair.

The vacuum’s double-wall construction also ensures that air flows through it consistently. This makes it easier for trash to get into the bag and keeps it from getting stuck in the filter.

Its Qualities

  • The ultra-plush nozzle provides strong airflow to clean even the thickest carpet thoroughly.
  • By using the various power levels, you can make sure that your shag carpet is cleaned gently.
  • You can quickly go around your entire home, including the shag carpet, thanks to the swivel-steering mechanism.
  • If your home has steps, you can use the Stair Grip on this vacuum to let it sit on the staircase.
  • This vacuum has a long lifespan and an easy-to-use hose and can take up the dirt of any size.

4. The C3 Miele Complete Vacuum Cleaner for Soft Carpet

The C3 Miele Complete Vacuum Cleaner for Soft Carpet

For virtually every surface, the C3 Miele Comprehensive Vacuum model offers incredible cleaning power. The vacuum has a comfortable foot pedal right next to the canister that can be used to turn on or off the vacuum’s suction control.

This vacuum weighs 9Kg and is a reliable alternative.

If you choose this vacuum, make sure you are ready for a bulkier model.

Those who suffer from allergies should consider this vacuum. It has an AirClean Closed mechanism and a HEPA AirClean Filter, which contains almost all the particles that could otherwise flow into the air.

Three more accessories are also included with the Miele Complete C3. These add-ons include an upholstery tool, a dusting brush, and a vacuum nozzle.

Of course, cleaning shag carpets is a breeze with the Miele Comprehensive C3 for Smooth Carpet.

Its Qualities

  • The SEB 228 Soft Carpet Electrobrush can clean any carpet, from low-pile to shag, thanks to its five-level height adjustment.
  • The Parquet Twister’s vacuum rotation of 180 degrees gives your floors a thorough but gentle cleaning.
  • The gentle and smooth Carpet Mode: Select this mode to use the vacuum to clean your shag carpet gently.
  • This vacuum cleaner operates significantly better than other soft carpet versions thanks to its superb engineering. Hard floors can be cleaned by the Miele Complete C3 just as successfully as shag carpet.
  • It also gives users options for when they are ready to clean their shag carpets and switch to “smooth carpet.”

5. The T-Series HOOVER WindTunnel Pet Rewind Vacuum Machine 

The T-Series HOOVER WindTunnel Pet Rewind Vacuum

For pet owners with shag carpets, there is also the Hoover T-Series Pet Rewind. The vacuum weighs slightly less than 8.2Kg. It has a foldable handle that allows it to be very simply stored almost anywhere in your house. The flexible 25-foot cord is one of this vacuum’s most outstanding features.

You are no longer circling the room to grab your vacuum cord.

If you have a pet, you may use this vacuum’s air-powered pet tool to remove pet hair from the carpet quickly. Your upholstered furniture will look beautiful after using the Pet Upholstery Tool to remove pet hair.

It also has a 12-inch extension wand that is great for getting pet hair out of tight spaces in your home.

Its Qualities

  • Carpet height adjustment with five positions With this feature, you can adapt to any kind of flooring, even very soft shag carpeting.
  • The Hoover T-Series Pet Rewind model is a cheap way to get a vacuum that can perform more than one function.

6. The AS3001AA Eureka AirSpeed Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 

The AS3001AA Eureka AirSpeed Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 

For the most thorough clean imaginable, this Eureka vacuum cleaner has AirSpeed technology, which helps circulate more air and eliminate extra debris. You can effortlessly vacuum your walls and floors using the eight-foot Premium Stretch Hose that comes with this vacuum machine.

You may remove pet hair from the corners and crevices of your house with its hose.

You may use the vacuum’s “Pet Power Paw Turbo Nozzle” if you have pets. You can use the nozzle to remove pet hair from soft furnishings.

The environmentally safe and straightforward to replace part of the vacuum cleaner is the replaceable dust cup filter. This vacuum is great for people with allergies because it can clean any stairs well.

Its Qualities

  • Its features include a five-setting height adjustment, which allows you to customize the vacuum to work on anything from luxurious shag carpets to wooden floors.
  • Its ultra-unique design makes it easier for your vacuum to move across all of the surfaces in your house, including shag carpet.
  • You can keep other areas of your home clean with the help of the several gadgets that come with this vacuum machine.
  • For people with pets and shag carpets in their homes, the Eureka AirSpeed Ultra is a great alternative.

Things to Take Into Account When Selecting the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Shag Carpet

High-pile carpet can be cleaned with a multi-floor vacuum with customizable suction or vacuum nozzle height. Consider the vacuum’s class, design, purification system, extra attachments, and cleaning functions while looking for a vacuum for shag carpets.

1. Class

Most conventional (upright) canister or pole vacuums can clean shag carpets. These full-size vacuums need to be strong and flexible so they can clean thick carpets.

I. The Canister Vacuum Cleaner 

As their name suggests, canister vacuums have a canister that houses the motor and dust bin, in addition to a detachable hose, pole, and vacuum nozzle. The canister has a large dust bin and a robust engine for solid suction. The long hose and pole can give you a good range for cleaning up high and across floors. Canister vacuums are often corded.

Ii. Conventional or Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

Unlike canister types, standing vacuums only have one upright unit. Even if they are respectable, some models might nevertheless have a strong motor and a lot of capacity. Several upright vacuums are connected, and because of their stiff and sound design, they might be more challenging to control. Many, however, have expanded their hose capabilities to handle surfaces other than floors, like curtains and furniture.

Iii. Pole Vacuum Cleaner

Pole vacuums are portable, lightweight, and simple to control. They resemble upright (standing) vacuums but are far more manageable because every component is housed inside one long unit. Some choices are cordless for more versatility.

2. A Corded Or Cordless Vacuum

Corded vacuums receive their power from an outlet. They have enough ability to keep you going through your tasks thanks to this steady trickle of electricity, but the cord’s length limits them. Corded models of the canister, standing, pole, and handheld vacuums are available.

Vacuums that are cordless run on batteries and do not require an outlet. These vacuums are small and simple to handle because they were made to be flexible and portable. Most cordless choices are less potent because many have smaller capacities and motors to make devices as light as possible.

They are restricted by their battery life, which typically lasts between 12 and 50 minutes on a charge, as opposed to being bound by a cord. Automated vacuum systems, poles, and handheld vacuums are all available in cordless versions.

3. Bags or Bagless Vacuums

Bagged vacuums collect dirt, dust, and other debris from the floor into a replaceable bag that must be changed once it is complete. You don’t need to handle the dirt and grime within the pack when it’s time to empty the vacuum; throw the bag in the trash. Allergy patients may benefit from this low-contact emptying because the bag keeps everything enclosed. With these versions, new vacuum bag purchases will be an additional cost.

A canister, or dust cup, is used by bagless vacuums to store debris and dust. These containers are dumped into the garbage when they are full. Due to the increased danger of allergen exposure, users must reach inside to remove any stuck debris or hairballs. Positive aspects of bagless vacuums? No need to buy vacuum bags.

4. The Suction Power

For shag carpets, suction power is a crucial feature to consider. Strong suction is necessary for cleaning, but too much suction might be harmful. An airtight seal between the vacuum nozzle and thick carpet fibers may develop if suction is too powerful. The vacuum may find it challenging or even impossible to flick back and forth across the carpet’s surface due to this seal. Some shag carpets may become tangled or damaged due to the strong suction.

Consider a vacuum with a variable suction-strength setting to avoid this issue. Users can modify the power of closely packed carpets using this function. A powerful suction setting helps suck up larger particles like sand and mud. If the vacuum gets stuck, turning down the suction power will help it work better.

5. Purification

A filter system is present in high-quality vacuums to capture particles and stop them from recirculating into the air. These particles are caught in the vacuum by an efficient purification system, leaving behind cleaner surfaces and fresher air. Vacuum machines with HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filtering systems can efficiently suck up particles as small as 0.3 microns. Mold, Dust, pet hair, mildew, and pollen are all common allergens that these tiny filters can catch.

6. Compartment units

A vacuum can be more practical to utilize with a variety of attachments. Cushion, brush, and crevice attachments are typical attachments. Cleaning along the baseboard and in corners is best accomplished with crevice tools. To remove fur from upholstery and pet beds, some vacuums come with a miniature brush head adapter with a beater bar.

7. Extraordinary Qualities

There can be a variety of textures, densities, and pile heights among shag carpet kinds. While some shag carpets feature delicate, fur-like strands, others have dense, twisted fibers. Choose a vacuum cleaner with extra attachments like a beater brush, a height-adjustable suction head, and big wheels to clean shag and other floors in your home properly.

A Beater Brush: To remove dust, hair, and debris, a beater brush system agitates the carpet fibers. On low-to moderate carpets, it works well, but on shag carpets, it can be excessively abrasive or result in tangles. To get around this problem, you can turn off some beater brushes. If you don’t want to get caught in the beater’s bristles, you might want to use a vacuum nozzle that you can easily change the height of.

Vacuum Nozzle With Height Adjustment: The vacuum nozzle and beating brush can be adjusted to fit various carpet heights thanks to a height adjustment mechanism. The beater bar won’t tangle in thick carpets thanks to this function. For hard surfaces, it can also push the beater brush away from the way.

The Wheel Size (Large Enough): The vacuum can move over dense shag carpet without plunging, thanks to its big wheels. The majority of medium wheels will work as well. The rug should travel smoothly on wheels, which is more significant than the carpet depth.

What’s the Difference between Shag and High Pile?

1. The term “pile” refers to the thickness or depth of your rug in the context of carpeting. High pile carpet fibers are thicker than ½ an inch, while other luxurious carpet fibers are thicker than ¾ of an inch.

2. “Shag.” A cosmetic term used to describe the appearance of particular high-pile carpets is “shag.” They differ in size, form, composition, and length, yet they all share a similar quality. The name “shag” refers to the purposeful, untidy appearance of shag rugs.

3. High pile and shag carpets are made for ultimate comfort. They insulate your floors, as do all rugs, but they are much softer.

4. Their disadvantage is that more dirt is drawn on their surfaces. The longer the strands of high-pile or Shag rugs make it simpler for dust, allergens, and hair to adhere to them. Additionally, these materials are excellent at hiding unseen dirt.


1. How Should a Shag Rug Be Vacuumed?

wer unit or nozzle has a manually adjustable height, use it. You might be able to get by with just that. However, adjust the airflow on the suction controller if one isn’t available to ensure the vacuum cleaner doesn’t get caught while vacuuming the dense carpet.

2. How Frequently Do I Need to Vacuum a Shag Rug?

Vacuuming your shag rug at least once every three days is best.
Make sure you use a suction-only vacuum to clean your carpet; avoid vacuums with a beater bar. Your shag rug will remain clean if you use the correct vacuum twice a week!

3. Is It Ideal to Consider Only Dry Cleaning

You can still clean your shag carpet twice a week, even if it can only be dry cleaned. Take the rug to a laundry service shop when ready to give it a more thorough cleaning. A shag rug that should only be dry cleaned shouldn’t be washed at home.

4. What Other Advice is Best for Maintaining the High Quality of the Shag Carpet?

To keep your shag rug as clean as you can, take it outdoors and dust it at least thrice every two weeks. By doing this, you can eliminate grime that is difficult to remove.
Additionally, exposing the carpeting to the sun will help destroy microorganisms.
Most of the best canister vacuums for high-pile carpets have thick carpet fibers, which makes them perfect for cleaning these rugs.

Final Thoughts

Carpets with High- or moderate fabrics are challenging to clean. It’s possible to get through without a specialist vacuum if you can modify the power head’s height adjustability or lessen its suction force to avoid becoming caught.

The other thick carpet grains of shag and classic may necessitate a new vacuum if your current one cannot manage them.

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