Best Vacuum For High Pile Carpet

Do you have a thick carpet or high pile carpet in your home? If you, you’ve probably experienced the challenge of getting debris out of it. Some vacuum cleaners don’t offer powerful suction to remove small debris like sand. Some vacuum cleaners also have heads that are too small, so they just glide over the dirt. So, what is the best vacuum for high pile carpet? The best vacuum for thick carpets should have a brush roll and a turbo brush. Want to know more? Keep reading to find out!

What To Look Out For In a Vacuum Cleaner For Thick Carpet 

It cannot be easy to clean a thick carpet. So, please consider the following factors before choosing your vacuum cleaner. 

The Suction Ability 

You want to go with a vacuum cleaner that has a powerful suction. A powerful suction will ensure that all the dirt trapped in the fibers are removed. High pile carpets are experts at trapping dirt in the fibers, and those dirt cannot be removed without a vacuum with high suction power. If the suction power is low, you will have problems cleaning your high pile carpet. The fibers of the carpet will trap dust, fallen material, and dirt deep in the fibers of the carpet, which have been appropriately removed to leave your carpet free from odor. 


Before buying a vacuum cleaner for your high pile carpet, you must ensure that it is lightweight. The best vacuum for your high pile carpet should be one that doesn’t tire you out a few minutes after you start using it. Cleaning your carpet should be easy and fun. So, our advice is for you to use a featherweight vacuum which will save you energy. 

High pile carpets also have tall fibers, which can make it difficult for you to push a heavy frame on them. So, if you use a heavy vacuum cleaner, you will be expending a lot of energy. It would help if you got a lightweight vacuum cleaner because they are easy to carry across the room, and they will also not destroy your high pile of tall carpet fibers. 


Your high pile carpets attract a lot of dirt that will eventually get trapped in the thick fibers. So, the best vacuum cleaner is one that uses the HEPA filter. A HEPA filter can trap dirt and dust in the vacuum cleaner. It will help if you use a vacuum cleaner that has filters so you won’t have problems with allergens flying all over your room when cleaning. 


Have you ever used a vacuum cleaner that gets stuck on the carpet while cleaning? That happens when you use a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have adequate venting. Venting helps allows air to flow freely during the cleaning process. Venting allows air to be trapped between the vacuum cleaner and the carpet during cleaning, allowing the vacuum cleaner to move freely. It also enables your cleaner to move freely without getting stuck. 

Brush Cleaners 

During the process of cleaning your high pile carpet, you need a vacuum cleaner that has a brush to make the process easy. The best choice is usually a roller brush. Some vacuum cleaners utilize soft roller brushes. Soft roller brushes go easy on the high pile carpet but are tough on dirt. Another advantage of soft roller brushes is their ability to capture debris and dust simultaneously. 

High Pile Or Low Pile Carpet: Which Is Right For Your Family? 

If you are new to the carpeting world, you may understandably not understand what “pile” means in the carpeting world. So, before we help you choose between a high pile or a low pile carpet, we must explain what pile means. Pile refers to the loops in your carpet. When a carpet is referred to as a “high pile,” those fabric loops are high and looser. And, when the carpet is referred to as “low pile,” it simply means that the loops are short and tight. 

Below are some circumstances where a high pile may be good for you. 

  • You do not want your carpet to become flat over time. Even though the loops in high pile carpets are tall, they are less likely to flatten. 
  • You want a carpet that can project warmth and coziness. High pile carpets are known for being warm and cozy. 
  • You want a carpet that has a luxurious look. High pile carpets are good at giving your space an elegant and affluent look. 

Now that we know the circumstances in which high pile carpets make for a good option let us look at the events under which low pile carpets will make a good choice. 

  • You have allergen sufferers in your home. A low pile carpet stops allergens from hiding on the carpet surface. 
  • You are interested in easy cleaning. Low pile carpet stains are easy to remove thoroughly. 
  • You are interested in carpeting your dining room or the playroom. Low pile carpets have a smoother surface which allows chairs and toys to glide over the surface quickly. 

Best Vacuums For High Pile Carpets

Now that you know what to consider when choosing a high pile carpet, we must review some of the best vacuums for high pile carpets. These recommendations were made after we made in-depth research and product analysis to come up with the best vacuum cleaners for cleaning tall fiber carpets. 

1. Dyson Ball Animal 

Dyson Animal Ball 2 vacuum

The Dyson Ball Animal is a vacuum cleaner packed with many great features. The features it possesses make it the ideal choice for high pile carpets. One of the main features is the adjustable head. The head can adjust to different kinds of floors and carpet depths. Also, the adaptability of the crown extends to the motion of the vacuum cleaner thanks to the ball swivel, which ensures that the vacuum cleaner turns in most directions. 

Dyson Ball Animal also comes equipped with a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter runs through the entire device aiding in the removal of most dust particles. This machine can also reach deep into the carpet fibers thanks to its tangle-free turbine. So, you can be sure that deep seated dust in your carpet will be removed easily. However, it doesn’t convert to a cordless device, and it is pretty heavy, weighing 17.7 lbs. 

Dyson Ball Animal is excellent at cleaning high pile carpets. However, it may not be the best choice if you are looking for a device that works for general cleaning. Also, some customers complained that the machine had too much suction. Most buyers, however, seemed pleased with their purchase. Whether you have animals or not, the Dyson Ball Animal is excellent if you are a fan of the Dyson brand.

– It has a whole machine HEPA filter which keeps the air quality optimum. – It is not light. It weighs about 17.7 lbs which makes it hard for you to use it for any other kind of cleaning
– The machine has a ball swivel which makes it easy for it to get into corners, crannies, and nooks. – The suction power is too high. 
– It has a tangle-free turbine roller which ensures that the machine reaches deep into the carpet’s fibers. – It doesn’t convert to cordless. 

2. Bissell AeroSwift Compact 

Bissell AeroSwift Compact

The Bissell AeroSwift Compact is a vacuum cleaner regarded as a force to be reckoned with in the cleaning industry. You can trust the 960-Watt motor to remove dust and debris efficiently. It also comes packed with an adjustable roller brush which will help you clean every depth of the carpet. The roller brush function is helpful if you intend to switch between floor types. The Bissell AeroSwift Compact also has a cyclonic solution that helps to keep the filters clean for a long time. 

Bissell is known for their lightweight design. So, you can trust the Bissell AeroSwift Compact to continue in that tradition of lightweight cleaners. The lightweight design lets you move the device around quickly across your room. This feature makes it an excellent option for cleaning thick carpets with tall fibers. However, one of the downsides is the absence of a handheld mode. This means that you are limited in your cleaning range. 

The Bissell AeroSwift Compact comes with an empty hands-free function. This allows you to empty the receptacle with the click of a button. There is also a downside to this otherwise great machine, which is the absence of a swivel head. The lack of a swivel head will make it difficult for you to clean corners and oddly shaped areas. We didn’t find customer complaints about this product, and most reviews were positive. 

– It has a lightweight design which makes it easy to use. – It doesn’t have a handheld option. 
– The cyclonic suction helps to keep the filter clean. – It doesn’t have a swivel head. 
– The machine comes with five roller brush heights, which helps to enable cleaning on every level. 

3. Miele Complete C3

Miele Complete C3

Miele Complete C3 is one of the best vacuum cleaners for cleaning high pile carpets. The machine also serves well for cleaning other flooring types. It offers comprehensive systems which allow it to clean high pile carpets and different flooring types. It also provides automatic suction regulation, which is excellent for low piles, deep piles, and smooth flooring types. 

The Miele Complete C3 also has a long hose and an extension wand. The extension wand gives it a cleaning radius of up to 36 feet. The machine also comes with a high-powered HEPA filter which removes allergens and dust particles as the air runs through it. It also comes with an extra broad brush which makes it easy for debris to be removed from the depths of the carpet. Its electro premium brush is designed for medium and high pile carpets. The electro premium brush also draws power independently from the Miele Complete C3 motor. 

When the electro premium brush draws power from the motor, the extra power makes the roller brush even more efficient than usual. The range of other attachments allows you to clean crevices, dust, and vacuum the floors with extra efficiency. The downside to this machine is that it is heavy and has no handheld feature. It weighs about 24.9 lbs, and it is unlikely that anyone will want to lug this vacuum around. Luckily, it comes with wheels, making it very convenient to move around. 

The Miele Complete C3 has a 36-foot reach which makes it very convenient to reach high places. However, there are some reports concerning electrical elements of the vacuum. But, most customers also pointed out that the company is ready to replace or repair the device. Customers are content and happy with the product. 

– It has an attachment for every situation. – The machine is quite heavy.
– The vacuum cleaner has excellent adaptability for high pile carpets, laminate, hardwood floors, and many other surfaces. – It doesn’t covert into a handheld vacuum. 
– There is an automatic suction regulator. 
– It has a HEPA filter.
– It has a premium electro brush that is independently powered for effective cleaning. 
– The presence of heavy-duty motors offers comprehensive and deep cleaning. 

4. Hoover WindTunnel Max

Hoover WindTunnel Max

Regarding dust receptacles, the Hoover WindTunnel Max has one of the largest on this list. It can contain up to 1.5 liters of dirt before it needs to be emptied. Due to its high suction power, the machine requires much storage. It features a 1200 Watt motor with a triple cyclonic filter system. Due to the three-channel suction system the Hoover WindTunnel Max has, one can be sure that it would remove a lot of dust fast. 

The Hoover Wind Tunnel Max has a stiff roller brush that helps remove even deep debris from the carpet levels. One notable advantage of this vacuum cleaner is its adjustable roller height. The user can adjust the roller heights to clean several layers of the high pile carpet. The features come in handy when you are cleaning different types of floors. If you don’t need the roller brush, you can deactivate it. However, a disadvantage of this machine is that it has a bagged receptacle for dust. While the Hoover WindTunnel Max has a HEPA filter system, bagged vacuums have been known to aerosolize contaminants. 

We also want to point out customer complaints concerning the folding. They complained that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t fold as flat as they would have liked. There are additional complaints about the tube not having good reach and the location of specific tools. On the flip side, most customers are happy with the product and recommend it to pet owners and parents. Whether cleaning hardwood or high pile carpet, this vacuum cleaner has what it takes. 

– The roller brushes can be deactivated. – It has a bagged receptacle. 
– It has three suction channels for intense cleaning. – It doesn’t operate as a handheld device. 
– It has several different height settings, which help clean varying carpet levels. 

5. Pet Hair Eraser Turbo

Pet Hair Eraser Turbo

Pet Hair Eraser Turbo takes after the Bissell tradition of offering users a wide range of features. Just like the name implies, Bissell created this vacuum cleaner with pet owners in mind. So, the characteristics of the cleaner point toward satisfying pet owners. One of the most noticeable features of the Pet Hair Eraser Turbo is its tangle-free brush roll and the cyclonic pet hair spooling system. 

It has a dust receptacle that prevents fur and hair from tangling around the filter. If you wish, you can activate the empty hands-free function, which allows you to empty the dust receptacle at the push of a button. You want to thank the Smartseal filtration system for stopping the broadcasting of dust and dander into the air. This prevents allergens from getting spread into the air. You are given the option of purchasing the Febreze filter, which stops pet odor from leaking into the air. 

Depending on what you are cleaning, you can turn on or off the roller brush. You will realize the need for this feature when you want to remove a large wad of pet hair on the surface of your thick carpet. When you switch off the roller, you can remove the furball without running the risk of it getting stuck in the bristles. Many customers appreciate the ability to switch the roller on and off. However, there are some complaints about the machine overheating. People love the vacuum cleaner because it works on carpets and hardwood floors. 

– It has an automatic height change for different types of floors. – It has a 0.75-liter dust cup. 
– The brush can roll carpet fiber without running the risk of tangling. – It has an intelligent seal filtration system that isn’t HEPA-approved. 
– Thanks to the multi-cyclonic suction technology, the vacuum cleaner can reach deep into the carpet. 

6. Bissell Green Air Ram 

Bissell Green Air Ram 

The Bissell Green Air Ram is packed with a lot of excellent qualities. However, its most endearing quality is the lightweight it possesses. The Bissell Green Air Ram weighs only 7.75 lbs which makes it the best choice for people who like lightweight and cordless vacuum cleaners. If your home has multiple stories, the Bissell Green Air Ram is perfect for you because it is easy to carry up and down. However, just like nothing in this world is perfect, the Bissell Green Air Ram h has its downsides. One of the downsides to this excellent machine is the small capacity receptacle it comes with. 

The dust cup of this vacuum cleaner only takes about 0.6 liters of dust. You will have to empty it multiple times as you work. This may be tiresome for some people. Thankfully, Bissell incorporated an empty hands-free function, which allows you to open the bag when you press a button. 

The Bissell Green Air Ram is well designed, and lightweight, and it also comes with a swivel function. The swivel function means this vacuum cleaner can reach into otherwise difficult-to-reach corners. It can also clean house corners that have odd shapes. It comes with an impressive LED light which allows you to see in dark corners, under objects, and crevices. The Bissell Green Air Ram is cordless with an efficient 22v lithium-ion battery lasting up to forty minutes. It also has a multi-purpose rolling brush which means that you can clean both your high pile carpet and hardwood. 

– It is very lightweight. – The receptacle bag is tiny. 
– The Bissell Green Air Ram is cordless, which makes it great for long-distance cleaning. It doesn’t come with any additional attachments. 
– It comes with an impressive LED light. 
– There is a hands-free function. 


Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner On a High Pile Rug? 

Carpet professionals do not recommend that you deep clean a large shag rug by yourself. This is because excessive moisture or too much scrubbing will damage the fibers and ruin the carpet’s outlook. 

What Is Considered a High Pile Carpet? 

When a carpet is called a “high pile,” it simply means that it has tall and looser fibers. Shag carpets are well-known examples of high pile options. Low pile carpets have short and tight fibers. 

Final Thoughts 

Since their invention, vacuum cleaners have changed the game regarding indoor cleaning. Those with high pile carpets can relate to the struggle of cleaning the carpets due to their tall and loose fibers. However, vacuum cleaners such as Bissell Green Air Ram, and Hoover WindTunnel Max can get into the deep layers of the carpet and effectively clean it. We hope this review article helps in your next buying decision.

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